How to automate LinkedIn as a touchpoint

If you’re GDPR constrained LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the few ways you can communicate with and get in front of prospects. Regardless, it’s terrific additional touchpoint as part of a broader strategy.

There are two ways to automate building your network on LinkedIn. The first option is to use a bot like LinkedHelper, DuxSoup or MeetLeonard. The second option is outsource the work and have an Upworker send connections on your behalf. Typically for $0.8-$0.10 an invitation sent.

LinkedHelper & competitors

Sign up for an install LinkedHelper. It’s a Google Chrome extension that sits on top of LinkedIn. Fun fact: it works on any LinkedIn account you’re signed into. Enter search criteria into Sales Navigator, whether it’s title, company name, geography, etc.

If you already have the LinkedIn profile URL of each contact, you can upload those LinkedIn profile URLs directly to LinkedHelper. To start inviting profiles go to the LinkedHelper nav bar and select "Collect, Select and Invite 2nd & 3rd contacts". Go to "View Collected". Hit "Upload Profile URLs".

You can customize the message you want included on your invite. For example: “Hey {firstname}, we're working on building a community of finance professionals where we share lots of resources. Hoping to connect!”

Go to "Invite" tab and select "Start Inviting". Make sure to rate limit your inviting per LH's instructions so LinkedIn doesn't suspect anything. See instructions here.

LinkedHelpers’ how-to guide is very comprehensive.

Keep the tab ACTIVE - in a separate window - while LinkedHelper is automatically visiting profiles for you. Don't minimize and don't collapse.

Outsourcing LinkedIn connecting

You may want to consider giving Upworkers access to your team’s LinkedIn accounts. You should be aware of three things when doing so:

  • You cannot log into the account while the Upworker is using it
  • The Upworker should use a VPN to make it appear like they are in your location
  • If LinkedIn suspects you are sharing your account they will suspend you. 3 suspensions and you’re banned.

If you decide you don’t want to risk getting your account banned, you can try two other options:

Option 1: Allow an Upworker to pretend to be an employee of your company. Help them make their profile appear as professional as possible and make them connect with everyone within your company to start.

Pros: Removes the burden of gathering connections and having unknown connections in your personal network

Cons: Lower connect rate if the Upworker doesn't have an English sounding name, doesn't appear to based in the US, or doesn't have a strong looking profile

Option 2: Create a fake profile. We’ve never done this and could imagine it creating some confusion but might be worth exploring.

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Deanna Dong

Director of Marketing, Wealthfront