Our outbound guides

Comprehensive, actionable guides for taking your outbound to the next level.

Enriching leads for highly efficient advertising
How to find personal email addresses of your decision-maker leads and organize them in your database.
How to set up an outsourced lead gen team
How to source an outsourced team and set them up with lead gen tools
Full Guide - Maintaining Domain Health
In-depth guide outlining how to set up domains, maintain deliverability and know when you’ve landed in spam.
Tips to maintain domain health
12 tips for how to make sure cold emails don’t get labeled as spam
Configuring your sales automation tool
How to set up your cold email platform for lead tracking and good deliverability
Writing copy that gets replies
Guideline for how to write cold outbound email copy
Full Guide - A 3-Step Outbound Marketing & Sales Campaign
How to organize leads and push them from ad platforms to cold email campaigns
Setting up your CRM for account-based sales & marketing
How to configure your CRM so you can reach out to multiple contacts at target accounts in a sophisticated way
Account based marketing in 5 simple steps
Step by step instructions to get you started with account based marketing and sales
How to leverage your company's social graph
Two approaches to reaching out to all of your company’s 1st and 2nd degree connections
How to automate LinkedIn as a touchpoint
The two ways you can make LinkedIn connecting automatic, instead of manual.
Prime your outbound leads with advertising
How to set up ad campaigns to your cold outbound leads